Exciting paper on experiments in ads

This paper was recently accepted into Marketing Science, a top tier marketing journal:
When Less is More: Data and Power in Advertising Experiments.

There are three things that excite me about this paper:
1. This paper conducts research into experiments in advertising. Experiments in the ads industry are very hard for many reasons: identity, cross-platform, conversions capture, just to name a few! But the ads industry also provide amazing opportunities due to scale. Instead of simulations, lab experiments, or even the scale of panel scanner data or CRM type databases, we are talking about millions and millions of observations every day.

2. This paper pushes the frontier for practice by taking a seemingly simple idea (removing conversions prior to impressions reduces variance) and quantifying its impact which exceeds complex analysis involving big data. In essence, product wins data! Or, from another perspective, data quality wins data quantity!

3. Two of three co-authors are researchers from companies, and Garrett, at Rochester, was an intern at tech companies including Facebook! Industry researchers have a long history in management research; back all the way to Taylor’s scientific approach to management, or McKinsey and BCG’s contribution to various models. Indeed, science should be embedded in practice; that is the type of science which really excites me.