Due diligence meets big data

My firm, Two Six Capital, was featured in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Due diligence meets big data: Two Six Capital, Oak Hill, Clarion Capital

Ian Picache:
“It is like it was in 1990 for public markets…. The use of big data techniques is nascent. It is only a matter of time before the private industry is disrupted. Just as the public markets saw the rise of massive quant hedge funds such as DE Shaw, Renaissance Technologies, and AQR, the same will happen in private equity. In the future, we expect big data to be heavily used in industry….

We see big data as a board room agenda. Two Six has developed a technology, process, and people-based playbook to drive operational improvements. The playbook has a broad range of applications across functions including marketing, sales, support, budgeting, R&D and operations. Just like ‘quants’ in the public markets, we can run large-scale iterative tests with management teams to make resource allocation decisions. Two Six can monitor and optimize portfolio companies using actionable dashboards that can be used to make board level strategic choices or tactical campaign-level management decisions.”

Sajjad Jaffer:
“Statistical, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques are becoming available and take advantage of the technology infrastructure and availability of data.”